About Piwik

What is the Piwik Connector

The Piwik Connector is a desktop application based on adobe air, that show you short statistics from one or more installations of piwik. So you have all time a short overview about users and pageviews on your websites. The statistical data are updated automatically in the background.

Thoughts of developer

In the past i wish me always a program or script, that show me the statistics of my webpages clearly on one site. Now the great web analytics system piwik makes it possible. I developed a little program for the Piwik-API to fetch the statistics on desktop.

I put this program here for free download. It is available in English and German language. Who wants to use it should observe the following things:


You need a piwik account with a valid token. For that you have to install the open source web analytics software – piwik – on your own webspace and add the corresponding counter code into your web pages. Or you ask a friend for a piwik account. You can find more information about piwik and the installation on piwik.org.

To use the Piwik Conntector you need the following data:

  • URL to piwik (example: http://stats.my-domain.com)
  • The token – you find them in the piwik-admin under API. You can add more useraccounts (for every user one token) with different domains. So you have a better overview and let sort the pages by themes. The piwik connector create for every token a separate table.
  • The name of the table and at what intervals the statistics to be updated (time in seconds).

Adobe Air

You have to install the adobe air environment on your desktop, because the Piwik Connector is based on Adobe Air. The size of this runtime is 12 MB and can be downloaded free by Adobe. After the installation you load the piwik connector, unzip them and install by doubleclick.

Use the Piwik Connector

After the first start of the Piwik connector you will be redirected to the settings. There you have to add your piwik accounts. After adding a account you can click on statistics at the top. The Connector fetch the statistics from the API, display and update them.

Before each domain you see a small plus sign. By cklicking them you open the hour- and monthview.


Piwik and also the Piwik Connector are still in development. If you find some bugs, let us know them. Bugs from piwik connector contact me, bugs from piwik contact piwik developers.